ANPAA Normandie

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Association Nationale de Prévention en Alcoologie et Addictologie – Normandie

ANPAA’s actions cover all addictions: use, misuse of alcohol, tobacco, illicit drugs and psychotropic drugs, excessive gambling practices and other addictions without product.
The risks related to these behaviours for the individual, his entourage and the society are approached from a global perspective via a multidimensional approach (psychological, biomedical and social).

ANPAA intervenes with different public from prevention and early intervention to risk reduction, care and support. ANPAA in the region of Normandy is composed of a regional board, a regional prevention team, a multidisciplinary team of health and social professionals who work in six CSAPA (Center of care, support and prevention of addictions) and CJC (Young consumer consultations).

As a regional prevention operator in the addictology area, ANPAA in Normandy has naturally associated itself with the EASY HEALTH project. This is the first European partnership for the association. This is the result of the desire to develop network dynamics, skills sharing, cooperation and complementarity between actors to improve users’ health and quality of life. As a resource actor, ANPAA brings its know-how and technical expertise in addiction prevention strategies to raise awareness and to educate about the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Indeed, addictions are part of issues such as personal hygiene, diet or sleep that can contribute to interfere with social and professional inclusion. In addition, ANPAA contributes to the construction of the project during several phases: data collection, content design, development of teaching and learning tools, training of professionals, English-French content’s translation and dissemination.

ANPAA in Normandy intervenes in the field of social inclusion and professional inclusion with professionals and/or publics. It offers training modules and carries out prevention projects in partnership with specialized local actors such as local missions, young workers' center, the judicial protection of youth, the family allowance fund and many others.