Academia Formação do Norte

by easyhealth




Academia Formação do Norte is a training school created in 2011, certified by the Directorate-General for Employment and labor Relations, based in the city of Porto that promotes training actions for youngers and adults, companies in several areas, providing the trainees with the necessary skills to better adapt to organizations and to the labor market, mainly in the sector of Health, Beauty & Wellness, Environment, ICT, languages and initial pedagogical training for trainers
We are a caring organisation with a personal and friendly approach wich also offer training courses for youngers and adult active people, unemployed persons and also companies in partnership with Jobcenter or trough tailor-made training, technical Support and promotion of business start-ups, technological innovation and new forms of business activity related with the sectors of Health, Beauty & Wellness, promotion of activities and projects related with social responsibility for the community in areas like personal and beauty care, sustainable lifestyles and others.

Over the years, Academia Formação Norte has established itself as a reliable, professional and trustworthy project partner who values the community, its students and business partner’s needs and expectations.

The added value is the network of our stakeholders that allows us to work with public or private organizations like institute of employment and vocational training in Portugal, Municipalities, Job Centre, cooperatives, associations, schools, universities and others.