EAse and Secure employabilitY with HEALTH education

  • an ERASMUS+ project
    To address health inequalities and the need for health literacy to foster professional inclusion
  • EASY HEALTH aims at supporting individuals (professionals and unemployed people) in acquiring and developing key competences related to health so as to ease their professional inclusion.

Project duration: September 2018 - August 2021

What goals do our partners want to reach?

  • Help our target group to get knowledge of how to maintain good health, hygiene and nutrition for themselves and their family and to be able to adapt and meet the needs and expectations of employers and/or customers in a professional scope
  • Reinforce the security for the professional careers of employees or unemployed, future professionals
  • Prevent and reduce inequalities, many of which are due to living conditions and lifestyle factors, so that it benefits the society economically by reducing losses from illness associated with heath inequalities and problems
  • A survey about existing health education in partner countries and the needs of training identified considering the issue of health and professional inclusion
  • A curriculum aiming at training individuals to adapt and meet the requirements of professional life to secure their career
  • A training game that will foster knowledge and competences building by means of experience
  • A pedagogical approach including training materials and a guide for trainers to support educational team in teaching health and hygiene issues

The target group is:

  • Adult learners either professionals or unemployed people
  • Our aim is to provide keys to our target group so that they get the best chance to have a satisfactory and fulfilling professional life

The Partnership

All events

Kick-off Meeting in Caen, France

Dates: 16 - 17 October 2018  Hosted by GIP-FCIP de l’académie de RouenPlace :  Hérouville-Saint-Clair – Caen The kick-off meeting held in Caen on October ...

2nd Trasnational Meeting in Porto, Portugal

Dates: 18 March 2019  Hosted by Academia Formação do Norte - AFN Place : Porto - Portugal The project meeting in Portugal on March 18, ...

3rd Trasnational Meeting in Athens, Greece

Dates: 30 Sept - 1 Oct 2019  Hosted by EXELIA E.E. Place : Penteli, Athens - Greece Project meeting in Greece, in September 2019 to ...

4th Trasnational Meeting in Łódź, Poland

Dates: 6-7 April 2020  Hosted by MOSQI.TOPlace : Łódź - Poland Project meeting in Poland in April 2020 to finalize the training game, to draft the ...

5th Trasnational Meeting in Reggio Calabria, Italy

Dates: October 2020  Hosted by INNOVAMENTISPlace : Reggio Calabria - Italy Project meeting in Italy, in October 2020 to monitor the works undertaken about the ...

Final Trasnational Meeting in Drammen, Norway

Dates: Jun / July 2021  Hosted by Intermezzo UngdomsorganisasjonPlace : Drammen - Norway Final Trasnational Meeting in Norway, in June / July 2021 to validate ...