GIP-FCIP de Normandie

by easyhealth




GIP-FCIP de Normandie take part in the definition and implementation of the education authority's policy in the field of vocational training in conjunction with the related stakeholders. Regarding its mission linked to the ongoing training of adults, GIP-FCIP de Normandie conduct, coordinate and stimulate strategies in the different economic fields regionally and locally through the GRETA network.

The GRETA network depending on Caen and Rouen education authority is made up of 7 different organizations representing about 300 training campuses and trained more than 25 000 trainees in 2017. These trainees attended short upskilling trainings/modules, training actions related to social and vocational inclusion but also long trainings leading to certifications and diplomas.

GIP FCIP de Normandie, is a department of the head-office of State Education in Normandy. It enables public educational institutions, initial or ongoing, to develop projects, design pedagogical materials.