Kick-off Meeting in Caen, France

by easyhealth

Dates: 16 – 17 October 2018 
Hosted by GIP-FCIP de l’académie de Rouen
Place :  Hérouville-Saint-Clair – Caen

The kick-off meeting held in Caen on October 16th and 17th 2018 was the opportunity for each partner to introduce its organization and tell about the main missions carried out and its role in the project implementation.
The main project objectives and results expected were hightlighted, so were the different outputs to deliver and the different actions part of the work plan of the project: the organization of multinational seminars and multiplier events, the dissemination activities, the monitoring process … the roles and tasks sharing were also reminded to all.

Partners focused on the mapping of competences (existing curricula related to health and professional inclusion) and the field survey which is going to be carried out in the countries of the partnership which should provide partners with a consistent content to design a curriculum on the topic and educational materials.

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